Frequently asked questions

What are the system requirements for using HYPER-ANCHOR?

HYPER-ANCHOR is a browser plugin that can be used with IE6/IE7/IE8 or Firefox versions greater than 3.0.
IE version plugin also needs .NET Frameword 2.0 or greater.

I want to pass the bookmarks to other people. How can I do this?

Without HYPER-ANCHOR the bookmarks created by HYPER-ANCHOR act as normal bookmarks anchored the top of the webpages, and the highlights are not shown.
Please have HYPER-ANCHOR installed so that you can share bookmarks with others.

What is the differences between "HYPER-ANCHOR" and "hyperanchor"?

"hyperanchor" is the concept of an extended form of URL that includes additional information (position or range in webpage, modification style, etc.).
"HYPER-ANCHOR" is the web browser plug-in software that generates hyperanchor bookmarks and makes utilize them.